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About Lattix

Under the brand name Lattix®, Lattix Production AB provides mast systems for road traffic, aviation, and multi-purpose applications. Having a strong focus on research and development Lattix Production AB has a leading position in passiv safe, lightweight, and frangible mast systems.


Lattix® is the leading brand for passive safety road traffic structures in the Northern European Countries, UK and Australia. Further, Lattix® frangible aviation mast solutions have been delivered to ca 250 airports in more than 40 countries.

Lattix Production AB is headquartered in Dals Långed in Dalsland, Sweden, close to the Norwegian border. Sales and engineering have satellite facilities in Norway.

About Lattix® products

Our products are designed to tolerate extreme weather
conditions and the stresses from anything attached to them.

The use of aluminium means low physical weight. This
helps fulfil the goal of limiting impact consequences under collisions. Lightweight Lattix
® products are easy to handle, reducing installation effort.

In addition Lattix® products leave a smaller ecological footprint due to easier transportation. 

Lattix® products are not only strong, but safe. The constructions withstand extreme physical stress, but are frangible under impact.



The idea was born in 1984. From the beginning, the company had a pioneering role in the development of strong, lightweight, and safe masts for roads and airports. From the start we experimented with new mast types, which behaved more collision-friendly than any other products on the market.

The masts have been continuously improved and are today produced of a single extrusion aluminum profile. The masts with the characteristic three-dimensional special lattice structure have become dominant in several countries. 

From the start up until now we have recorded several hundred collisions, but without serious human injuries.

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