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Accessory products

Clamps, connectors, adapters, etc.

Customized products

Traffic, aviation and multi-purpose

Traffic products

The Lattix product system for traffic is designed for use in any roadside situation - with or without electrical equipment mounted. The product philosophy and target is to cover most demands alongside and over the road for safe support structures, but standardize as much as possible in few modular types to reduce the cost and ease the logistic challenges. The products are often used for mounting speed signs, traffic signals, lights, cameras and other sensors and even advanced solutions for Intelligent Traffic Management. 

Lattix' traffic mast products are compliant to the European Passive Safety Guidelines with approval as EN12899-1 and CE-marked accordingly.

See our traffic products.

Aviation products

All airports have equipment mounted on and around the runway representing an hazard to the airplanes in their way to and from places. Hence, the mounting equipment is required to be frangible according ICAO Aerodrome Design Manual, Part 6, Frangibility, Chapther 1.2:

"At airports, various visual and non-visual aids (e.g. approach light towers, meteorological equpment, radio navigation aids) are located near runways, taxiwyas and aprons, where they may present a hazard to aircrafts in the event of an accident impanct during landing, take-off or ground maneuvering. All such equipment and theirs supports should be frangible and mounted as low as possible to ensure that impact does not result in a loss of control of the aircraft."

All Lattix® aviation products are compliant to the strict requirements set by ICAO. Lattix masts are rigidly full scale crash tested to withstand the forces of wind and extreme weather, and of course the jet blast that might occur on an airfield. In addition, the Lattix® masts are frangible and will give way and absorb any force upon impact, leaving the airplane wing/body with little damage.

See our aviation products.

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