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All Lattix products are structured modularly. This means that all products can be adapted to special customer needs or combined with each other. 

If desired, we also develop completely new solutions.


Product adaption

Lattix products can be adapted for many purposes that require any kind of support or mast construction. Some examples are constructions for industry, research laboratories, geological and meterological measurement support and many more.

Lattix also provides different clamps that easily can attach all kind og equipments to the masts.

Customer-specific product development

Customer specific development

If desired we can develop products for all kind of support or aluminium construction challenges.

Surface treatment


The use of colour and details can make Lattix masts more visible or invisible. It can create a style which contrasts or harmonises with their surroundings. In other words, Lattix gives city and road
planners new opportunities to design beautiful surroundings and runway planners to order masts for better visibility.

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