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Environmental footprint - The "green" metal


Our masts are made of aluminium, a sustainable material that can be recycled countless times with minimal energy use.

When aluminium is recycled the process requires only five per cent of the energy used to manufacture the metal from ore. 

Environmentally friendly to transport

The low weight of aluminium against, for instance steel products, reduces the costs of fuel during transportation of the masts from the factory to the roadside spots where they are mounted.

No need to be replaced

Lattix aluminium masts do not rust. They are even approved for installation along the harsh Norwegian coast line with its severe weather. This gives the masts a longer working life than steel constructions and reduces need for maintenance.

Positive working life analyis

Aluminium’s unique characteristics provide the overall prerequisites for a positive working life analysis – economically, technically and environmentally – in comparison with products made from conventional materials.

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