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Research and Development

We are proud of our in-house competence and expertise. During the last decades we have invested much ressources in research and development. Thus, we have built a broad and deep knowledge base for both designing aluminium constructions and for processing aluminium by unique, in-house manufacturing processes.

As a supplier, we have also been involved in both setting and shaping the standards, and are designed to assist contractors and purchasers of airside support structures when tendering airport projects.


We collaborate with a number of leading research and testing institutions. Some of our R&D projects are co-financed by the Norwegian Research Council.

Some of our R&D fields:

  • Aluminium material science 

  • Collision simulations and tests

  • Stretching and milling methodologies

  • Heat and surface treatment

  • Static and dynamic mechanical analysis

  • Aerodynamic analysis

  • LEAN production and development

  • Product customization and standardization

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Some of our R&D partners:

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