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Passive safety half gantry for signs and all other types of traffic information and surveillance beside or above the road.


Complete half gantry includes:

  • Lattix® passive safety leg
  • Lattix® passive safety cantilever
  • Foot plate with washers and bolts
  • 90 degree connector
  • Endplate at open end of cantilever

The Lattix® Cantilever system can be used  for sign support, other information and surveillance equipment or other applications. The system is delivered as a complete, pre-assembled assembly including leg, cantilever, base plate and end plate at cantilever.


The mast elements of the cantilever are tested and approved according to:

  • EN 12899-1, Fixed, vertical road traffic signs
  • EN 12767, Passive Safety of support of structures for road equipment


All performance presumes sufficient foundation.


Material / Surface treatment

Mast elements:                    EN-AW 6063 T66

Base plate and connector:   S355, Galvanized steel according to EN ISO 1461

Bolts:                                   BUMAX 109


The mechanical capacities depend on the selected configuration.




Resistance to corrosion

Aluminium, class SP 2


The Lattix® Cantilever System can be coated (powder-coated) if desired.

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