Lattix® 4430 - New!

Lattix® 4430 - New!

Passive safety mast for signs and all other types of road side information.


Complete mast includes:

  • Aluminium top plate with bolts
  • Mast 4430
  • Foot plate with washers and bolts

The Lattix® 4430 mast system can be used as mast for sign support, other information and surveillance equipment or other applications. The mast is delivered as a complete assembly including mast, base plate and top plate.


The mast is tested and approved according to:

  • EN 12899-1, Fixed, vertical road traffic signs
  • EN 12767, Passive Safety of support of structures for road equipment


Full-scale impact crash tests and simulations have been performed according to EN 12767 at a speed of 35 km/h and 100 km/h with 6,3 m mast length. Simulations show that the mast will have equal performance up to 8,65 m length. Consequently, the mast is approved for maximal 8,65 m and minimal 1,8 m from the ground to bottom of sign.


The sign mounted to a single mast should not weight more than 200 kg and needs to be dimensioned according to local wind loads.


All performance presumes sufficient foundation.


Performance under vehicle impact (passive safety) according to EN 12767:2000


Performed speed class tests and simulations

35 km/h and 100 km/h

Approved speed class


Approved function class

NE (non energy absorbing)

Approved safety class





Resistance to corrosion

Aluminium, class SP 2


The Lattix® 4430 mast system can be coated (powder-coated) if desired.