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Tunnel Transom

Tunnel Transom

Light-weight aluminium tunnel transom for signs and all other types of traffic information and surveillance above the road in a tunnel. The light-weight construction enables fast and easy assembly.


The tunnel transom is isolated chemically from the mounting suspension, such that galvanic corrosion is prohibited. In addition it can be surface-treated to achieve maximal corrosion resistance. Mor information at the "Corrosion resistance" pane.



  • Lightweight aluminium construction with increased safety in case of collision.
  • Fast and easy mounting
  • Modular system can be adjusted to all types of tunnel ceiling
  • Corrosion resistant in nitric acid
  • Galvanic isolation eliminates galvanic corrosion
  • Surface treatment for all corrosion classes available


Complete tunnel transom includes:

  • Lattix® passive safety transsom
  • Tunnel bracket KIT
  • Endplates at transsom

The Lattix® Tunnel Transsom system can be used as  support for signs, information and surveillance equipment or other applications in a tunnel. The system is delivered as a complete assembly including transsom, brackets and end plates.


The mast element is tested and approved according to:

  • EN 12899-1, Fixed, vertical road traffic signs
  • EN 12767, Passive Safety of support of structures for road equipment

The Lattix® Tunnel Gantry can be surface-treatet and powder-coated to all corrosion classes if desired.

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