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Passive safety and frangible mast solutions

Lattix® develops and produces passively safe and frangible aluminium masts and constructions.


A strong focus on research and development paired with innovation and creativity has given Lattix a pioneering role in  passively safety masts. Lattix® has become a global brand with patented and certified products that actually save lives.

Lattix' unique manufacturing method enables producing aluminium masts as one-pieced lattice constructions, which are light-weight, strong and safe.


Lattix provides masts, constructions and product systems for traffic and aviation purpose. Solutions of the Lattix Product Family are designed as a configurable system that ca easily be adapted to special customer wishes.


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Lattix® masts are full-scale tested and approved according to European safety standard EN-12899 for road traffic and ICAO safety standards for aviation.

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Research and Development

We continouosly improve our products in close contact with our customers and leading research institutions. Thus, we come into the industry with innovative solutions for lightweight and frangible equipment.

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The combination  of our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system, highly skilled employees and a strong R&D focus guarantee an excellent product quality.

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ICAO compliant

aviation products

CE-marked mast products



All our products can be adapted to special needs. If desired, we also develop customized solutions.

The Lattix Product Configurator is a tool that configures traffic products immediately based on customer input.

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